Apr 1, 2011

GCB Shares

MTV produced a documentary on Facebook called The Diary of Facebook. It's around 30 minutes long and provides an insight into the most chaotic office space on earth (<- just guessing!). Source.
Carmen wrote an interesting article on models and the history of modeling for austrianfashion.net. More on modeling and how the imitation of modeling poses ruins beautifies our party pictures has Blica.
More fashion: Blica also regrets the closing down of Raffaela's blog and complains about the declining quality of fashion blogs.
Amongst others, Mara has been nominated for the Superblogs 2011 Award. Until yesterday, people could suggest their favorite blogs in ten different categories, and now voting is open until 7 April. Unfortunately, this has only come to my attention today, otherwise I would have of course informed you about this earlier.
Erin compiled a few helpful tips for uncluttering your schedule. These are greatly appreciated, as trying to keep your obligations to a minimum can be tough. In another helpful post, she advises you on how to keep your to do list neat and tidy. German GCB readers might remember my Listen post of last February. 
Lachsbroetchen has discovered Instagram and is posting pretty pictures of her favorite city: Hamburg, Germany.
Boy's Corner
On Trotzendorff's blog, I found this very useful list of Mac and iPhone apps he recommends.
Markus sums up and forwards the Ten Internet Rights and Principles.
Leo teaches us how to handle criticism gracefully.


  1. Nice, I like the Boy's Corner too. Happy Weekend.

  2. Freut mich! Dachte: Öfter mal was Neues und "aussperren" ist ja auch doof! ;) In der Vergangenheit haben sich hin und wieder mal männliche Blogs eingeschlichen - warum also nicht "offiziell"? LG