May 27, 2011

Bunny Boys?

Photo: Tasya van Ree
Not too long ago, "news" broke in Germany that a bunch of insurance brokers were celebrating lucrative deals by taking advantage of prostitutes and snorting cocaine in an open air brothel. Sibylle Berg, a Swiss author who describes herself on her Twitter with the words "buys nothing, fucks no one", has dedicated her weekly SPIEGEL ONLINE column to the issue. In "I've had it, Men!" (in German "Männer, ich habe es satt!") she wonders, amongst other things, how the world would react if suddenly women were to become pimps, make men walk the streets in strings and so forth. Quite a fun read, indeed - if it weren't for Berg's inherent stereotyping of all men as horny, black men as slaves, veiled women as oppressed, and naked ones as desperate. Good on the German blogosphere for offering an alternate perspective! For a worthwhile counterstatement, please read Nadia Shehadeh's comment entitled "I've had it, Ms. Berg!" (in German: "Frau Berg, ich habe es satt!").

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