May 30, 2010

Aurora of Nekocherry

Sticking with the last post's topic Art & Illustration, please meet Sardinian designer Aurora. On her blog Nekocherry, she doesn't only demonstrate her graphic skills and creative ideas, but also lets us in on a career in the making. 

Follow the jump below to find out what 'neko' means in Japanese and why it isn't always bad to find out that someone is spying on you...

May 28, 2010

Congratulations, Olga!

Olga Petrova has just been awarded the ADC's Talent of the Year award for her HFG Offenbach  final year project Marivanna. Marivanna is a so-called stick animation that visualizes her great-grandmother's journey through life. (Source)

May 25, 2010

"It's time to sweep in and shit all over it!"

Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman dissects the new Sex and the City movie here, and rightly so. (The quote above is taken from SATC, An American Girl in Paris Part Une, Season 6.)

GCB the Other Way 'Round: Annina Interviewed by the Mädchenmannschaft

Helga Hansen asked me a couple of questions regarding this blog. Read my interview in German over at the Mädchenmannschaft or follow the jump below to find out in English what GIRLS CAN BLOG is about, what to do to be featured, and what might become of the project in the future.

May 19, 2010

Liisa of Charming Quark

Meet Liisa, 45, the editor of the inspiring Charming Quark blog. With a mixture of interiors, photography, and illustration, she manages to stimulate and entertain just the same.

Follow the link below for excellent advice on how to keep blogging fun and varied, and what to do when it's not anymore.

May 17, 2010

Why Are Women Businesses Smaller Than Men-Owned Ones?

Professor Sharon Hadary gives possible reasons over at The Wall Street Journal.

Share the Love!

As of today, GIRLS CAN BLOG is on Flattr! If you'd like to join the party (see video below), but still miss an invite - not a problem: GIRLS CAN BLOG has registration codes to give away... First come, first served, just post a comment on this post and include your contact email or twitter account!

May 13, 2010

Smilla Dankert of anders-anziehen

Stylist Smilla Dankert has made her passion her profession by sharing her fashion finds on a blog that is unequalled: anders-anziehen portrays authentic people between the ages of eight and ninety-seven that attract attention because of their unusual style.  

Follow the link below to find out what one service Smilla thinks Google's Blogspot should improve and how life choices may determine the way you dress.

UPDATE: In the meantime, Smilla has been nominated for the famous Grimme Online Award. If you'd like her to win the people's choice award, follow this link to vote for her.

May 6, 2010

Gudrun aka Piratenweib

Today's guest on GIRLS CAN BLOG is Gudrun aka Piratenweib. In spite of surfing the web even before it existed, she only started her own blog after joining Germany's Pirate Party last autumn. Gudrun's been an active member of the blogosphere since.

Now, before scrolling through her well-organized link list, find out how people used computers to get in touch before the Internet arrived and how to advertise your blog right.