Sep 10, 2010

The Girl Effect


  1. Besides th eobiouvs fallacy that business = stability... the video makes a good point. Female literacy is fundamental to improving living standards. Unfortunately, improving living standards is correlated very strongly with degradation of the environment.. the environmentalists dilemma....

  2. to call such perspectives human or "humanity" is nothing but ridiculous and cynical.
    to seek gender as the new human capital just fits in this prosperity determinated system and its ideology, what as a matter of fact just produced these actual terrifying conditions we and (way more those in "developing areas") all oppressed people suffer from.
    and at least to respect girls, women or people in generall just because they work or come up with profits is absolutely inhuman.

  3. I see both your points. I was wondering about bubi zitrone's last point as well, but I suppose this video is quite obviously made for people who don't understand arguments based on humanity, but are interested mainly in business and economic figures. I doubt that it's targeted at those who've already recognized the problem. ;)