Oct 17, 2010

My Choice is Not a Crime!

In Queensland, as in other Australian states and territories, women and doctors can be tried under 19th century criminal codes and face years of imprisonment for choosing an abortion. These laws have already seen women seeking abortions after sexual assault turned away from public hospitals, and left doctors fearing imprisonment for providing advice and treatment.  Abortion has to be dealt with in the health code, not the criminal code! 
Support the Australian National Petition for Choice in their efforts to legalize abortion by signing their online petition today.  
(Via Mädchenblog)


  1. This is a bit confusing topic to me. On one hand, it's the women's choice, and she shouldn't be punished for taking that choice. But on the other hand, isn't it a human soul that is being killed by abortion.

  2. Actually, abortion is perfectly legal in Australia, including Queensland, for any situation where the pregnancy is unwanted.

    This is due to a loophole in the law which states that the mother's mental wellbeing is considered a valid reason for abortion, and any unwanted pregnancy is considered a concern to mental wellbeing.

    This is presumably why the law was never changed earlier.

    What this couple did wrong was illegally import drugs from the Ukraine instead of just going to their doctor. If they had, it would have been legal. They were acquitted anyway, but the point is medical abortion is legal, self-administered abortion is not.

    Every Australian woman, in practice, has access to legal abortion and the procedure is covered by the national healthcare system. You just have to go to a doctor and not do something stupid like try and do it yourself.

    It's true that the laws are archaic and need to be updated but the above article is being very selective with the truth I think!

  3. @fishashore Thanks a lot for your comment, this is interesting information!
    @Tarek I think the question is when a "soul" actually comes into existance. I think scientists are fighting over that, but I read something about the 24th week of pregnancy?

  4. Yeah, may be that's why there is a debate here whether it is to be allowed before the fourth month and not after.