Apr 28, 2011

Annina ♥ Giving Workshops

Photo: Two for Fashion
So the presentation I told you about below went really well - phew! Everyone at About:Fashion was super friendly and interested, the atmosphere was calm and easy with natural light, and I managed to engage the audience in a couple of talks on blogging. I love when education gets to happen in small and intimate-ish circles: No overcrowded spaces, lots of working material for everyone to experiment with, and enough time to discuss all questions at due length. 

Especially interesting for me was that one of the participants, Thuy, is a professional blogger at Two for Fashion - a fashion blog that belongs to the world's largest mail order company OTTO. Again, I jumped at the chance and asked Thuy a couple of questions on film... only to have my handy video recorder die down on me in the middle of the interview with a full memory card. How embarrassing! Thuy was kind enough to be relaxed about it, though, and just suggested we get together for another attempt when she's in town next time. But of course! And in the meantime I'll go and buy myself a memory card that lasts, like, forever. :)


  1. Hey Annina, war auch cool Dich kennenzulernen! Bis bald hoffentlich!

  2. Ja! :)

    @all Übrigens bloggt Thuy privat auf http://shoupett.blogspot.com/ ...