Apr 17, 2011


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I just noticed that five days have passed since my last post and that I haven't blogged a single word about how I liked the Re:publica 2011. So, what did I like best? Meeting people and seeing lots of GCB bags being carried around. There were also some really good panels like Sascha Lobo's talk on trolls and War Online - Blogging from the Frontline. What did I like least? The adverse conditions Simone and I had to hold our talk in. While the Internet was running smoothly and our sound material worked, the old wooden door was opened and shut incessantly, squeaking like hell.

Photo: Source
Also, we were forced to start 10 minutes behind schedule, which confused us to the point where we forgot to properly introduce ourselves and our panel on literary review blogs and poetry on the web. What I had imagined to become a very smooth and easy presentation, became "a ride" how someone put it - "an informative one". Our audience was made up of around 40 people, perhaps a third of them is pictured in the photo above. If you're interested in what I spoke about exactly, check this set of links. Some of the material I provided is German, but there's lots of English language content, too. And if I'm not mistaken, Simone will make available her presentation sometime soon, too.

Overall, though, the experience was worthwhile and I was glad to have spoken on something other than cyberfeminism - as much as I'm interested in that topic, I think it's important for women to prove their expertise in areas sounding less intimidating to men. ;) So, would I do it again? I guess, if just to hang out with cool people like @TheGurkenkaiser and my lovely Girls On Web Society ladies. Pleasure to meet you all!


  1. Und ich konnte nicht dabei sein!
    Schön, das Du darüber geschrieben hast!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Ja, schade! Wir haben Dich vermisst! :( LG