Jun 2, 2011

Rise, Dark Girls!

I found this documentary preview on Starrene Rhett's blog Gangstarr Girl. In her post No Pity Parties Please: A Dark Girl’s Manifesto, she takes a clear stand against self-hate and White worship in the Black community:
I am a dark skinned woman. I am not a victim. (...) I cringed when I watched the trailer for Dark Girls because of the self-loathing and the pain that these women are still dealing with as a result of lingering post-colonial psychology. No one should hate them selves that much, especially because of someone else. (...) 
I want whoever reads this (...) to know that not all “dark girls” hate themselves and that some of us are tired of being the victim of your perceived ugliness, stupidity and low self-esteem. But for those who are still victim to this repugnant train of thought: Like the documentary’s narrator said, it is time that we rise up and be confident because self-love is contagious.
To read Starrene's full post, click here. Bradinn French's documentary Dark Girls will be released in the US this coming fall.

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