Jul 31, 2011

Thank You for Reading!

I cracked the 100 RSS feed subscribers mark! If you'd like to know what that might be, check out last year's articles on RSS feeds in English or German. Personally, I still use Google's Reader to stay on top of what's happening in the blogosphere. Currently I've subscribed to more than one hundred different blogs from all around the world; and besides the usual Blogspot and Wordpress stuff, I've been getting into tumblr, too - have I mentioned this here before? I like the platform for its easy to use approach and visual simplicity, and of course couldn't resist starting my own: yogannina, an image-only collection of Yoga shots I liked. (Just in case you'd like to subscribe to another one of my outlets, I figured. ;) ) Every now and then, I even add photos of myself doing poses... like that rather crooked looking eagle pose I attempted on Erfurt's cathedral steps last month.

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