Nov 16, 2012

EU Campaign: Gender Balance on Corporate Boards

The EU has started a campaign promoting gender balance on corporate boards. According to their website, women are still largely outnumbered by men in positions of responsibility in all fields:   

In national parliaments, for example, less than one in four members is a woman (grat differences across the EU). In the European Parliament, three in ten members are women (2009-2014). The situation is worst in business with, on average, one out of ten women members of boards in Europe's largest publicly quoted companies and only 3% of board chairpersons.

Although ensuring gender balance in decision making positions is mainly the responsibility of individual EU countries, the European Commission has long recognised the need to promote gender balance in decision-making processes and positions and the European Commission is encouraging the process by various means [like sponsoring me to show you this video]

How do you like it? Does their point come across?   

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