Feb 21, 2011

GCB News

While my favorite GCB bag, Oliver and I were riding a basket sledge in Funchal many things happened in the rest of the world:
Susanne Klingner and Barabara Streidl of the Mädchenmannschaft gave a radio talk on men-friendly feminism and the necessity of a women's quota in German corporations. Such a quota has been debated here for a couple of weeks now, but has been dismissed by politicians for no comprehensible reason: Surely, there must be female candidates with equal professional and personal qualifications for executive positions - why should they not be allocated 40% of senior job posts? Susanne and Barbara's link recommendations: Antje Schrupp and GCB - many thanks!
Tasya van Ree, the woman I named my favorite GCB bag Tasya after (yes, the one pictured above), has started a T-shirt line named Saint vs. Sinner. The first shirt is white with a print of two topless female fire fighters kissing, and it's available for $25.
Also, the new Missy Magazine came out last week: Complete with a music CD featuring 11 cool tracks by international artists and a brief article on female comic artists by myself. Available for the next three months at your favorite newspaper kiosk for around 6€ (other selling points here) or online via subscription. Whoever can't get a hold of a copy should listen into the songs on the CD nevertheless - they're good! Try Jeannel's They Come and Change it All for a start.


  1. The Guardian just published an interesting article on the topic entitled
    'Women still face a glass ceiling. Survey finds 73% of female managers believe barriers to advancement still exist, compared with only 38% of men'

    As sad as it is to rely on quotas to get what on actually deserves, I agree with the following statement taken from the article:
    "Many years of tapping away at the glass ceiling have left it stubbornly intact. It is time we put aside our drip-drip tactics and took bold action to achieve real change. Boardroom quotas are a radical – but not unthinkable means of bringing about a dramatic shift in the role of women in business."

  2. Thanks for sharing, Maité! :)