Feb 28, 2011

GCB Shares, Part 2

Marita & Coty 1977 & 2010, Buenos Aires
Photographer Irina Werning made people reenact their past in a project entitled Back to the Future. For more of what happened on the blogs recently, just follow the jump like you did last time...

Jule describes the tricky situation of telling your partner that sex with a paraplegic might just be a little different: Gefressen werden.

Ninia LaGrande has a new favorite YouTube channel: Watchlistentell, which shares lots of young acoustic-y music. If you know me, you know that I LIKE! (Source)

Cathrin Karras describes the craziness of charging a good monthly Vietnamese salary for a concert ticket: Drei Millionen für die Backstreet Boys. And on a different note, Hanoi is among the last cities on the Asian Green City Index.

In light of the current plagiarism affair around German defence minister Guttenberg, Opalkatze explains at the end of her post Eine verbreitete Praxis how to quote in a correct fashion.
Anna Niestroj went to Istanbul and brought her camera to take the most beautiful photos.

Raffaela was the first among the ladies in my RSS feed reader to feature photos of Paul Smith's cool  fall 2011 ready to wear collection

"Suppose you'd live in a polyamourous relationship: On Facebook, you could still only list one partner. Conservative lot!" (@puzzlestuecke) - The Mädchenmannschaft has collected their favorite tweets in German - exhilarating.


  1. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. My pleasure! Hättest Du nicht auch mal Lust, den GCB-Bogen auszufüllen? LG :)

  3. Ein ganz ähnliches Projekt gibt es hier:
    Ich klicke mich immer wieder gern durch solche Galerien.

  4. Och, ehe ich mich schlagen lasse ,)
    Natürlich, gern! Wenn ich das auf Deutsch tun darf? Mein Englisch ist lausig.

  5. @Opalkatze Aber sicher, ich maile Dir demnächst die Fragen. LG
    @synaesthetisch Tatsächlich - cool! :) LG