Sep 3, 2011

I Am So Over Blogging (Momentarily)

...that I'm thinking of just taking a two-week long, late blogging summer break. I think I'm overworked. There's tons of stuff I'd like to share with you, but I just can't find joy in posting these days. Besides more blogger portraits, the story behind this yummy plate of vegetarian Korean food has been lying on my pile of things to blog about; I traded it in for a melon-banana-cucumber smoothie mixed with my KitchenAid Artisan Blender. (Photos after the jump!) Most of my blog action in the past two weeks has been happening on yogannina, where I only reblog tons of Yoga images I find on other people's blogs. I guess I'll just stick with that until I'll feel like writing more again? Quite a few bloggers were going through similar phases recently, it seems: Anne Feldkamp and Luciana Schmidt are just two that come to mind spontaneously. But they're back on track from the look of things, as will I be once rested and re-energized.

Melon, banana, lime juice, maple syrup (got mine at Alnatura), cucumber, fresh ginger.

Cut everything up, put in blender. (Maybe add some juice, water or rice milk to make it runnier next time?)

Pour in glass, trade in for yummy Korean dinner prepared by the world's nicest neighbour. :)

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