Mar 27, 2010

Helga Hansen of the famous Mädchenmannschaft

As a representative of the award-winning German mixed-gender blogger group Mädchenmannschaft [Girls Team], bio technologist Helga Hansen has filled in the GIRLS CAN BLOG questionnaire.

Find out how the Mädchenmannschaft came about and what to consider when you're thinking about starting your own blog.

Mar 22, 2010

Melanie Niethammer of side-glance

Today's featured blogger is Melanie of side-glance (blog has been deleted in the meantime :( )

Read her interview and blog to find out what makes studying computer engineering even harder than just the maths, and which cartoon could illustrate every single one of her posts.

Melanie loves feedback, so if you have any questions, just shoot them into the comments section.

Mar 16, 2010

Katy Derbyshire

Translator Katy Derbyshire, who has translated, amongst others, work by famous German authors Julia Franck and Ingo Schulze into English, has been blogging on lovegermanbooks for a little over two years now. Her topics include current issues in German literature, her life as a freelancer, and the German literary market. 
Check out one of Katy's translations from 2007 over at the Berlin-based literary magazine no man's land (a sister publication of the German lauter niemand), before finding out more about her below.

Mar 13, 2010

Antje Schrupp

Ladies and gentlemen, GIRLS CAN BLOG proudly presents blogger luminary Antje Schrupp in this week's portrait. 

Antje is a journalist and political scientist who has been blogging on gender roles and related poltical issues since 2006. She's an independent thinker who has received a doctorate for her work in the field of female political philosophy.

Mar 7, 2010

Luciana of German Fashion Blog "Lu zieht an. ♥"

A large number of female bloggers concern themselves with fashion. Just like fashion magazines, some of them attract many thousand readers: Take rail thin New York blogger Tavi, who started her influential fashion blog Style Rookie at the mere age of twelve.

GIRLS CAN BLOG would like to seize the opportunity and introduce to you healthier role models, like German blogger Luciana Schmidt, the editor of the popular, yet out of the ordinary fashion blog Lu zieht an. ♥. With her unique personality, Lu turns high-street fashion into original styles wearable for girls of all sizes.

GIRLS CAN BLOG mailed out a couple of questions to Lu, and received some interesting answers. Just click on the link below to find her statements both in English and German. 

Start of Blogger Portrait Series!

From today on, GIRLS CAN BLOG will be introducing successful female bloggers in a portrait series. Hooray!

Mar 4, 2010

Girls Blog, Too, You Know

Dear bloggers and blog readers,

when it came to my attention that women are underrepresented in most blog charts, I wondered why. Certainly, there are many intelligent and outspoken girls and women out there who have been active in the blogosphere. Where are they, though? How come that, as of February 2010, we only know a fraction of them?

GIRLS CAN BLOG would like to raise awareness of the relatively small number of female opinion leaders (both online and offline).

To this end, GIRLS CAN BLOG would like to host a collection of professional and semi-professional blogs edited by women of all backgrounds and areas of interest. Young girls especially should be encouraged to use the Internet to make themselves heard.

GIRLS CAN BLOG is pro open-source knowledge and very interested in networking with international organizations who aim for the advancement of women and girls in society. Education and the ability to read and write are crucial in a world that is taking place on screens more and more.

As of yet, GIRLS CAN BLOG is a private initiative, but I would love to turn it into a proper organization eventually. In the meantime, please support this blog by mailing your favorite links and best ideas to girlscanblog (at)

Looking forward to hearing from y'all!


PS The links to the right are for starters only - soon, there will be more links, reviews and relevant news. Follow GIRLS CAN BLOG on twitter to be sure not to miss any important updates.