Sep 16, 2010

5 Good Reasons to Start Blogging

Someone did my job and listed five reasons why to start blogging. There must be more than five, but I wanted to show you the mentioned ones anyways. And since the original post is in German, I translated the subheadings below and added my own experiences to each point... Now, if you can think of other good reasons to hit the keyboard, please add them to the comment section!

1. Blogging connects people. 
This is actually true - you will make new friends! If it hadn't been for Don Dahlmann, who got to know me through my other blog, and later introduced me to Nadine Lantzsch, who earlier this year pointed out to me Anne Roth's concerns about the invisibility of women on the web, GCB wouldn't have come into existence. Naturally, they are all bloggers. If you blog in English, your readership will grow even larger: So far, GCB has been visited by people from 72 countries!

2. Blogging educates. 
Absolutely! In terms of media literacy, social behaviour and generally. Each time I portray a blogger, I learn something new about their field of interest. I had no idea, for example, that something like Anna's cycling blog existed. Or Pharmama's pharmacy blog. There's so much to take in on the web - simply sign up for a service like Google Reader and start exploring the blogosphere. Or, if you prefer interaction, check out the new GCB forum on yuku.

3. Blogging makes you happy.
Over time, you'll receive recognition and appreciation. There's nothing more pleasant than receiving a message from someone who likes your work. Beautiful photos, fashion and art on display will delight you. Try Smilla Dankert's Anders Anziehen, for example. And as for me: Incoming links and comments on posts make my day! :)

4. Blogging empowers.
It will help you build an opinion and defend it in discussions. Blogs like The Huffington Post or the Mädchenmannschaft will keep you up-to-date on current issues in your field and provide you with all necessary information to participate in the dialogue. Already after six months, I now draw strength from the network around GCB.

5. Blogging strengthens your personality.
Trust me, it will help you find out more about yourself and interests you might not even know you had. The support one is able to draw from a group of like-minded individuals is invaluable. I am always impressed when people I know stand up for themselves and share their honest opinions. They are the role models I look up to.

Still not convinced? Lack an original issue? Online diaries are blogs, too! Here are 100 Benefits of Journaling that might change your mind. ;)     

Photo: Annina Luzie Schmid


  1. hm.

    I create/decorate blogs with CSS/HTML.
    Yet never thought it worth wild to write one.

    It's nice you posted this.
    I just may begin one.

  2. Sounds great - Maybe you could include some CSS/HTML tips for the rest of us... ;) Let me know how it goes and I might introduce you on GCB next year! :)

  3. I like this blog post. Thanks for sharing. I plan to share it with my students who are sometimes reluctant to blog.

  4. @ohradiogirl Thank you! Writing this was my pleasure, let's hope it'll help to convince some of your students!