Sep 8, 2010

Los Superdemokraticos Launch "Kooperativa"

Besides editing her own blog, Nikola Richter is also one of two brains behind the Los Superdemokraticos project: An "intellectual fair trade" initiative between Germany and Latin America.

Today, they have launched an online association called Kooperativa that aims at bringing together writers, journalists, independent publishers, cultural magazines and projects, translators and other interested individuals.

Kooperativa is meant to provide a forum for the discussion on new forms of production and distribution of intellectual goods on the web. If you'd like to join the debate on original ideas, just introduce yourself and your Internet project on their site - the more, the merrier!

(The other founder of Los Superdemokraticos is writer Rery Maldonado. Both she and Nikola were introduced in a Tagesspiegel article a couple of weeks back.)

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