Oct 31, 2010

Host Your Own Salon!

(Image by Anna Niestroj)
Suited to the occasion of the upcoming Girls on Web Society meeting in Berlin in December, Carola Muysers has written a post on how to host a successful salon* (Wie gründe ich erfolgreich einen Salon? Tipps aus erster Hand).

Amongst other things, she recommends you settle on a certain topic, name your event, and hold a round of introductions. Being friendly and curious is equally important to encourage diversity and  controversial points of view in discussions.

So, if you can't make it to our meeting in Berlin, why not host your own bloggers' get-together in your region? Free online services like Doodle offer coordinating tools that make finding a date and time at everyone's convenience easy as pie. And any small party is better than no party, right?
* Wondering what a salon might be? Wikipedia has the answer either in English or German.

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