Jan 14, 2011

How To: Sell Your Products on Your Blog

Some of you might have noticed that since December, I have been selling Girls Can Blog bags (pictured to the left is bag 'Magda'). So far, you could buy and pay only via  direct bank transfer to me. Now, thanks to my brand new Etsy shop, you may also shop via PayPal. Listing my items there cost me about 3€ so far, which I think is fair enough. BUT I'll immediately shut down my accounts there if the system doesn't help you guys in any way - PayPal cutting of WikiLeaks from all financing was an anti-democratic move and their fees are very high. So basically, what I am trying to say: I'd still much prefer you emailing me your bag requests directly.

Just drop me a message with your order or questions to girlscanblog [at] googlemail [dot] com and I'll happily provide you with all necessary further information.

For everyone else toying with the idea of selling stuff via your blog, try Design*Sponge's article on How to sell your products on your blog for starters.

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