Feb 1, 2011

English Exec Summary of the Previous Post

Rasha H. Khayat is unhappy with German media coverage of the demonstrations in Cairo: "Too late, too slow, misinformed correspondents." She much prefers watching CNN and Al Jazeera or reading the Guardian's live blog. According to Rasha, Egypt needs not fear the Muslim Brotherhood's coming into power.
Cathrin Karras introduces Vietnamese singer/ songwriter Lê Cát Trọng Lý, including  audio samples. 
The Bavarian Newspaper Publisher's Association disses bloggers in a new brochure that has been distributed to elementary school students. It claims that online journalism is never as trustworthy as "quality print journalism". The German working group Social Media (AG Social Media) is  pissed off., and understandably so. (Source: Turi2)

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