Feb 26, 2011

GCB Shares, Part 1

This is Sydney as seen by Schorlemädchen. For (the first bit of) more interesting stuff I've been wanting to share in the last couple of weeks, please follow the jump...

Helga Hansen notes that there has been a lack of scientific research with regards to female psychopaths. Most diagnostic criteria are tailored to men, which means that fewer women get diagnoed as psychopathic. Also, female psychopaths often behave less peculiar in their youth than their male colleagues do. (Source: Untertauchen dank Klischees: Psychopathinnen)

In an article entitled Kompetente Väter ["Competent Fathers"], Adele criticizes the lack of trust many fathers are faced with when watching their children in absence of a female.

Frauenzitate: Claudia Kilian hat eine Seite angelegt, die explizit Zitate von Frauen sammelt ["Claudia started a page collecting quotations by women."]

Elke Brüns discusses the aesthetics of pity in a brief article entitled Die Ästhetik des Mitleids.

Simone Finkenwirth closes her series on young German literature in a résumé. Among her posts of the last weeks were an introduction of German author Benedict Wells and a review of my own novella Andosina.

In case of death: Erin Doland wrote a list of things to do in preparation for your sudden death.

Mara jotted down a yummy sounding recipe: Kunterbuntes Wintergemüse mit Orangen-Chili-Aioli

Smilla Dankert portrays Aimée, who has recently started building a school in Cote d'Ivoire. (All support is appreciated.)

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