May 25, 2011

OKCon 2011

On 30th June and the 1st of July, the 6th Annual Open Knowledge Conference will take place in Berlin. The event aims at bringing together individuals and organizations interested in all things open knowledge. If you've been following GCB, you know that I agree with the organizers' assumption that  
open knowledge promises significant social and economic benefits in a wide range of areas from governance to science, culture to technology. Opening up access to content and data can radically increase access and reuse, bridge gaps, improve transparency and thus foster innovation and increase societal welfare. 
The conference programme looks super interesting, and I'm keen to go! Let's hope my boss sees the necessity of me being there, too, since both conference days are weekdays... Tickets are available for one or two days respectively - there's still a chance to grab some at early bird rates before 31st May.

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