Jun 29, 2011

What do Vegans Eat?

Mneme, editor of German blog consume. be silent. die. has listed her favorite vegan foods and beverages and has encouraged her readers to do the same. I'm not a full vegan, but a vegetarian who has, besides meat, stopped buying eggs, milk and cheese for home-use - so I thought I might still be eligible to participate. The list you'll find after the jump is obviously incomplete (I do not only eat that!) and has not been sponsored in any way.
Lemonade - These are fairly bad for my stomach, but I just love a fresh sizzle once in a while. Preferably, I buy them organic.

Tofu - It comes plain and seasoned, e.g. Almond-Sesame, and I put it anywhere: into salads, Wok dishes or noodle sauces and even on my sandwiches.

Soba Noodles - Soba means buckwheat in Japanese and Soba noodles are available in many different forms and shapes. I get mine from organic supermarkets or Asian grocery shops. For more info on Soba, try Wikipedia. 

Sweet Potatoes - They are easy to cook or bake as fries and very delicious.

Brown Rice - Much more filling than its white cousin.

Pumpkin and Squash - Butternut squash and Hokkaido pumpkins are my favorites at the moment, although they aren't in season in Germany (pumpkin season here starts in mid-August).

Elder Syrup - Yum! I always buy it organic.

Sesame Brittle - I get packages of four at Alnatura.

Genmai Su - Genmai Su is essentially rice vinegar. You can use it to season your sushi rice (try vegetarian sushi, it tastes really nice!) or any stir-fried dish.


  1. Da sind ja mir völlig unbekannte Sachen bei, toll! Wahnsinn, wie viele neue Dinge (inklusive deinen Blog) ich so schon entdeckt habe :) Ich liebe übrigens auch das Sesamkrokant von Alnatura, eine Zeit lang hatte ich immer ein paar Packungen zu Hause liegen^^

  2. Freut mich, dass ich zu Deiner super Aktion beitragen konnte - auch wenn die Liste erstmal nur eine kleine Auswahl war und ich mich ja auf Nahrungsmittel beschränkt habe. Vielleicht sollten wir eine Rubrik "Monatsfavoriten" o.ä. einführen, ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, was ich bei anderen Bloggerinnen so finde (z.B. vegane Garnelen!)... ;)