Jul 15, 2011

A Brief Set of GCB Shares

Photo: Ninia LaGrande
With around a thousand fresh blog posts waiting to be read, I am still trawling through my RSS reader in search of interesting news to share with you. Here's a bunch of first noteworthy finds: 
Tasya van Ree, photographer and eponym of one of my GCB bags, has been interviewed by French Tetu Magazine. A transcript is available on her own blog
Fashion blogger Anna Wegelin aka Lachsbroetchen has been featured in the current German GLAMOUR magazine.
Franziska Schmid, green lifestyle blogger, is now part of a new high-profile blog team: Berlin is[s]t vegan.
And on a less professional note: Ninia La Grande travelled the Baltic states and has been sharing her holiday experiences (see photo above).

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