Sep 14, 2012

Fancy Some Paddle Board Yoga?

Photo Source: Rachel Brathen Yoga Lifestyle
Rachel Brathen is a Swedish Yoga teacher who lives and works in the Caribbean and likes to do headstands on paddle boards. (Have any of you ever tried that?)

I stumbled across an interview with her on MindBodyGreen and moved on directly to like her Facebook page. In that interview, she explains, amongst other things, how Yoga helped her love her body and stop stepping on scales. I, too, will only set my foot on one when I have to at the doctor's these days. Says Rachel:
I look the way I look, and I am the way I am. What's important is that I like myself, not what other people think. For me that was a huge thing, and yoga has helped me realize that. Source
Personally, I often find it quite difficult to describe the perks of Yoga without sounding like an overly emotional nutcase, and of course it's quite easy to go green with envy of Rachel's picture perfect beach bum life (her boyfriend owns a skate shop, of all things!), but if you can take any more: she's yoga_girl on Instagram. 

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