Nov 11, 2012

New Username on Twitter: @anninaluzie

This morning I decided to change my Twitter username from @girlscanblog to @anninaluzie. For as @girlscanblog, I felt bad whenever I posted something that wasn't directly related to this blog. Girls Can Blog is a great project and my principal digital residence, but it does not fully represent me as a person. Besides gender equality, blogging and networking, I am also interested in issues like Yoga, health, photography, traveling, poetry, or design, to name but a few. I feel that renaming my account allows for more freedom and authenticity, and better content as a consequence. For example, I have been fairly active on yogannina lately and feel that you'd be missing out on helpful stuff if I continued to tweet feminist stuff only. Those of you who have been following me might have noticed little topic excursions like that here and there already.
My intention for @anninaluzie is to publish selected content from all my current and future social media accounts like Instagram, Pinterest and tumblr. On these platforms, my username is anninaluzie already, so I'm hoping @anninaluzie will reduce general confusion and aid searchability.
And since I have your undivided attention now, I would also like to remind you of my bilingual Christmas newsletter. It's a rather personal piece of writing I mail out to friends, family and complete strangers once a year. If you've never received one before, add yourself to the mailing list for free now. I promise I won't send you any other unsolicited crap throughout the year. Just one single, fun email. :) 

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