Dec 30, 2012

Girls Can Sing

So apparently there has been this thing going on where people cover songs on YouTube and become famous. Yawn. I was never much interested until yesterday, when I came across an incredibly talented, attractive and funny girl calling herself Sha Sha Jones
As a teenager, before getting into alternative folk and electronic music, I was listening to indie rock, and even before that I had a phase when I was listenting to R&B only. Digging through clips like this one I became all nostalgic and ended up at Sha Sha's below. Watching her, I got super fascinated by her jokes and singing. (Should you get fed up with the talking, jump through to 2:38 where the actual song starts.) These days, Sha Sha writes original songs, too, and I'm sure she'll be famous one day. Just remember you saw her here first. :)

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