Nov 30, 2010

"What Happens When We Educate Girls"

Remember The Girl Effect, a video I posted in September? American writer Melani Ward has written her own post regarding the campaign, suggesting measures each of us could undertake to promote women's education. It's called "What Happens When We Educate Girls".

Abit Bayar and Catherine Salter Bayar. (Source)
Californian textile expert Catherine Bayar, too, has picked up the video in an inspriring post entitled "The Girl Effect Hits Home". Catherine married into a Kurdish family and has become a resident of Istanbul's Old City, where she holds workshops supporting local Turkish handcraft. Writes Catherine:

"I know that (...) education starts with the women of the family, so they can teach their children, boys and girls, how to behave as decent human beings.
(...) If my large family of uneducated women were having a tough time making ends meet in the sleepy town of Selcuk, what must life be like for similar women who had moved to sprawling Istanbul?"


  1. Thanks for including us in your post! Hoping to keep the #girl effect moving forward and growing...

  2. Oh, you're more than welcome! I was going to write to you and send you this link, but also ask you whether you'd be interested in answering the GCB questionnaire? Greetings from Berlin :)