Dec 31, 2010

Girls Can Blog Charts 2010

In 2010, visitors from 112 countries stopped by to check out GIRLS CAN BLOG. Thanks so much for your interest, cooperation and support - I have been absolutely stoked you people like the project and I've already got plans and ideas for it for 2011. So please keep blogging, girls! (Not yet started? Here are five good reasons to do so!) For a list of most read articles in 2010, the top five blogger portraits, personal highlights and more, please follow the jump for a last time in 2010....

Most read articles in 2010:

From the look of things, you all greatly enjoyed the few editorial pieces I wrote. I will try and post more of those in the coming year. I also haven't forgotten about the OH, REALLY? series. I've already lined up a couple of topics and am waiting on the day I'll have time to actually write them. 

Also, if you have particular ideas regarding topics you'd like me to write about, please drop me a hint in the comment section. So far, wishes include "Cars", "Soccer", and the difficult position dads find themselves in after a nasty divorce (restricted visitation rights and so on).

Most viewed blogger portraits (in alphabetical order):

Recommended blogger portraits (in alphabetical order):

But of course, there are many, many more interesting interviews and blogger personalities on GCB! You'll find all portraits in the side bar to the right: Either in the 'Featured Bloggers by Year' drop-down menu, or scroll down to the bottom for a complete alphabetical list.

Annina's favorite featured music clip:

Top five searched for Labels:

This tells me that a) most of you are German speaking, b) you are interested in getting to know more female bloggers, and c) that you are interested in women's perspectives and arts and culture. Brilliant - you sound very much like myself! ;) 
Find all labels in the side bar to the right under 'Posts by Topics'.


  1. Happy and busy (blogging-wise) New Year!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing everything you come up with in 2011 and finding some new favorite blogs! :)

  2. Thank youuuuuuuu! Glad to have such happy readers :))) Frohes neues Jahr!